Our Fire Detection products which are High Sensitive Smoke and Cirrus Pro Detection System and provide you with maximum peace of mind.
  • The AlarmLine Addressable Linear Heat Detector provides early detection of fire or overheat condition in protected areas or equipment. It is especially suited for confined areas or environments where adverse ambient conditions cause other detection devices to be unreliable or difficult to use. The detector consists of two major components: A sensor cable and an Addressable AlarmLine Module (AAM).    
  • Flame Detector is an electronic device detecting fire using specific wavelength of Ultraviolet(UV), Infrared(IR) or similar electromagnetic radiation emitted from fire.    
  • The Kidde ORION XT HSSD detects particles of combustion at levels of obscuration as low as 0.0015% per foot; thousand of times more sensitive than conventional smoke detectors. Laser optics, and Kidde's particle counting technology provide for a stable, highly reliable incipient fire detector. An engineered & balanced air sampling network insures equal sensitivity throughout protected areas. The ORION XT is widely used for critical, high-asset equipment protection; process controls, robotics, MIS facilities, and automated conveyances.

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